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Omaha Poker
Omaha High poker (also called "Omaha") is very similar to Texas Hold'em Poker , but the extra cards in each player's hand are used to add to the excitement.

Omaha High is played the same as Texas Hold'em Poker with the following two exceptions:

1- Each player receives four face-down cards to start, called "pocket cards" (instead of just two used in Texas Hold 'em Poker).
2- At the showdown, players MUST use exactly two of their pocket cards and three community ("board") cards.

Before the Hand
In Omaha Poker, a small blind and a big blind must be posted. Click here for more information on blinds.

The Hand
In Omaha Poker, each player is dealt four cards face down ("hole cards"). As the hand progresses, five community cards are dealt face up and shared by all the players. Your strategy is to obtain the best hand using 2 of your hole cards and any 3 of the community cards.

The Play
1- Each player is dealt 4 face down cards.
2- The first betting round proceeds at the lower betting limit.
3- Dealer turns over three community cards ("the flop") face-up
4- The second betting round proceeds at the lower betting limit.
5- Dealer turns over 1 more community card ("the turn")
6- The third betting round proceeds at the higher betting limit
7- Dealer turns over the final community card ("the river")
8- The final betting round proceeds at the higher betting limit
9- Showdown

Order of Play
Action begins to the left of the big blind and proceeds clockwise. After the first round of betting, action starts to the left of the Dealer Button and proceeds clockwise.

The Showdown
At the Showdown the highest hand wins. Each player must use two cards from his/her hand and three cards from the board.

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