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Learn How To Play Online Poker More Profitably, Securely, and Consistently for a REAL living!
Want to win more money faster? Get the eBook and software combo package - 2nd item below!
Normal Price : $39.95
Discounted Price : $19.95
Format : Adobe PDF


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Best Deal - get the eBook *AND* software together for one low price!

Learn How To Play Online Poker More Profitably, Securely, & Consistently for a REAL living! *AND* get my custom written software that allows you to win faster, increase your winnings, track your opponents, and then crush them! You can't buy this anywhere else...

Normal Price : $97.95
Discounted Price : $39.95
Format : Adobe PDF and Executable files


After checkout you MUST click "Return To Merchant" at the end of the Paypal transaction. If you don't do this, you will not be able to download it immediately.

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More information about the software and why you'll make more money in the long run:

I have created these tools to guide me. In the past I stored players in a database. It was very cumbersome and inefficient. I designed this software to be simple yet effective. I paid a programmer to create it and after many improvements and adjustments it works great. And it continues to make me big $$$. The most important step is the system above. That is the foundation. Then the tools come into play. 

Pro Notes

The first tool is called "Pro-Notes" This amazing software allows you to quickly take notes on your opponent while you are playing.  I have made thousands of extra dollars at the tables by simply using this with my system. 

You can simply copy and paste a players name into it, select a few words from the dropdown menus like "bluffs a lot" or "I outplayed him". You can type in a few notes and store the player forever. Many poker sites allow you to search for a player by name, or you can just check the tables you beat him at before. 

I have made thousands of dollars doing this alone.  My system tells you not only how to play, but where the most new players are too. You can note them quickly with this software, hunt them down and beat them again. The notes build up fast. And I found players stick to the same sites and same tables. You can take notes AND view them all on this one form or you can switch to DATA VIEW and sort by Rating or Site or anything you wish. 

I take notes on anyone who stands out as an easy target to beat in the future or someone I want to avoid. I have made hundreds of dollars using this technique. The way the software is designed it is very easy and quick to take notes. 

To see if a player is in your records you just enter the first letter of his name and the first field (box next to PRO-NOTES logo) opens and you can see if the player is in your records.  Select the player and all of his notes are displayed on this same form.  

In this more detailed view you can see all of your records and you can SORT by field. Say for example you want to sort by rating - click the RATING field and it will put the records in order of rating (this is great to seek out low rated players). You can also sort by SITE.  You can also SELECT data and copy it to the clipboard so that you can then paste it into almost any application that allows you to do so.

One way is what I nickname "Seek and Destroy". Many online poker rooms allow you to search for a player by name. So I will go into these rooms with my notes and sort by rating to find the weakest players. I have made thousands doing this alone!

Again I limit this to a percentage of my day usually and hour or so - I concentrate most of my efforts on my system. For that hour I will either "Seek and Destroy" or I will "HUNT". If I need a break from active game-play, I will simply watch games at certain tables and take notes on the players. It's pretty boring, BUT you would be amazed at what you see when you are not involved. I have found so many FISH (rookie) players using this technique, so that the next day I go back to those same tables and SEEK out the rookies.

Pro Stats

People always want to know how to make it as a pro poker player over the long run. The key is keeping accurate records of all play. 99% of the players out their will quit playing all together after a bad losing streak. You can’t see your true potential playing on a day to day basis - the game has too many swings. A player will lose a few games and get frustrated. If they could see where they stood year to date or month to date they may not be so frustrated at all.

I have always kept stats - how long I played at a certain table, money invested, profit outcome, time and more. Besides my strategy - THIS is why am a poker pro. Long term, Long run results. If I lose all day today I will go on playing consistently, because I can look at my numbers and say OK- I lost $76 today- but overall I am up $800 for the week- I have made on average $43 per hour this month etc. This is the key. YOU MUST ALWAYS know where you stand. So I did it again - I created a software program to do this all in one simple easy ormat. 

Its called PRO-STATS. I designed it to be simple yet highly effective. I paid a programmer to design it to my exact specs. You simple enter your info after you play a game and click update.

This software works for all game types. Simple enter your info, date, amount invested, profit, win or Lose if heads up game, and you can enter notes. Click update and you can then view your results in the data view

This view is great for a general overview. And you can copy all of your data into a database to backup or use in a different format.

Dollars per minute $.92 and my favorite dollars per hour $54.95. It shows my winning % for heads up games. The software also calculates out what your most profitable website is to play at and what table - this is VERY important. You may think you are pretty good at say $30 heads up game, but if it takes you on average much longer to win this particular game type than your time may be more profitable at a different table.

This software will tell you were your time is best spent. The software also displays the notes taken for that time period. I generally just write notes for my losses and the graph will display your profitability over time. You can see trends over the long run. As you play more and more the line will slowly rise as your profitability rises!

You will NOT find any of the items in this package for sale by anyone but me -
if you do, please report it to me so that I can deal with it properly.


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The Ultimate Online Poker Tips Kit is in electronic format ( Adobe PDF ) for easy viewing on both PC's and Macs. It requires the free Adobe Reader for access.

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